Feel the Heat Contest


We live, work, and play on Florida’s space coast, America’s gateway to space! And now you can be a part of space history! We’re keeping it beachy, offering you an opportunity to win a pair of “feel the heat launch viewing packages” for NASA’s Crew 7 mission to the international space station, scheduled for lift-off Friday, August 25th at 3:49 a.m. the “feel the heat viewing package includes: admission to the visitor complex for two launch attempts, so if the launch is scrubbed you can return at no additional charge. Viewing from the banana creek viewing area, just three point nine miles from the launch pad, you’ll see the rocket leave the pad right over the water! Real-time launch commentary and you can ask questions! Enjoy a complimentary meal and souvenir, plus a return ticket to the visitor complex to see all the exhibits and attractions.do you want to go??  You’ll have three opportunities to win a pair of tickets next week. Monday with “McKay in the morning” Tuesday with “SuperDave in the mid-day” and Wednesday with Michael W. Lowe in the afternoon. Be listening for us to air the “feel the heat” cue to call, when you hear it, be the 9th caller on the beachlines 2-4-2-9850 3-2-1—2-4-2-9850. And the tickets are yours! Tickets are valued at$250.00 each and can be purchased at Kennedyspacecenter.com

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