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Welcome to 98.5 The Beach's Radio and Digital Agency – Melbourne, Florida's Top Digital and Radio Advertising Partner

Are you a small to medium-sized business looking to grow in the competitive Orlando-Daytona-Melbourne DMA? Look no further! WSBH 98.5 The Beach, the #1 independent radio station in the market, is your local powerhouse for radio and digital marketing. We specialize in leveraging cutting-edge technologies like ChatGPT4 to deliver unparalleled results for your business.

Why Partner with 98.5 The Beach's Radio and Digital Agency?

Unmatched Local Reach

As the #1 radio station in the market, we connect with approximately 70,000 listeners weekly. Harness the power of our radio station to create brand lift across the region.

Free Ad Production

With our talented team, radio ad production and voice overs are always free. Want something truly unique and exciting? Give us a challenge – we love creating unique and engaging advertising that commands attention and drives results!

Data-Driven Targeting

Tap into our powerful data-sets on 160 million Americans to target your perfect audience, eliminating the heavy ad waste that plagues most broadcast advertising 

Custom Reporting Dashboards

Monitor, measure, and track your campaigns daily with our personalized reporting dashboards built just for you and updated every night

Full-Funnel Marketing Campaigns

From awareness to conversion, we guide your audience every step of the way, and then bring them back for more with our comprehensive marketing strategies


Advertising Opportunities

Advanced Competitor Tracking

Stay ahead of the curve with our intelligent competitor tracking, gaining invaluable insights into your competition’s SEO and local advertising efforts.

Free Consultations, Web, and Market Analysis

We offer free consultations, web, and market analysis to help you optimize your current future advertising strategies with no commitment – even if we won’t be managing your campaign(s), because we want to be a true partner and a second opinion or outside observations can be just the thing you need to stay ahead of the pack. 

Our Advantage

At 98.5 The Beach’s Radio and Digital Agency, we pride ourselves on combining cutting edge technology with good old-fashioned hard work. Our small size enables us to provide a far more personalized service and keeps us intimately aware of market trends, client needs, and emerging technologies while staying flexible to act on them. This allows us to outwork and out maneuver both national competitors and local agencies.

Unlock Your Business's Full Potential Today

Ready to experience unparalleled growth for your business? Partner with 98.5 The Beach’s Radio and Digital Agency – Melbourne’s premier ad agency for radio advertising, digital marketing, SEO, addressable geofencing, enhanced data targeting, website design, Google Ads, secure web hosting, social media, programmatic advertising and OTT(streaming TV)! Contact us now for your free consultation and marketing analysis!

Advertising Opportunities

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