Beach Club


Make everyday “A Day at the Beach”. Join the  98.5 Beach Club. You could win prizes, cool Beach Club gifts, as well as qualify for special discounts for area restaurants, area merchants and more!

To join the Beach Club simply complete the information form below….. Or register at The Beach studios located at 380 N. Wickham Road in Melbourne. It’s that easy and Beach Club membership is absolutely FREE.

After you have joined, keep an ear on your radio and an eye on your mail box.

So, make everyday “A Day at the Beach” and join the free 98.5 Beach Club today!

*If you have already filled out this form, but aren’t receiving your Beach Club email- please check your ‘spam’ folder and make 98.5 The Beach a ‘trusted sender’. You don’t need to sign up more than once!*

Join the Beach Club

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